Content Creation For Business Websites

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Writing content for a company website may seem like a tedious task for business owners, as running a business can take up a lot of time and energy. In this case it would be easier to outsource this task to save you time and effort. However, web content that is going on your website or other web platforms to promote your business website needs to be of good quality. Therefore, it may be a good idea for the business owner to write the content because of their extensive insight and personal experience in the industry.

Although text content is the basis of all web content, having a good quality website means that you should have various types of content in different formats. The following are examples of multimedia content that would be a good way to engage the user in your website’s content.

content creation

Text on Web Pages
Ideally, content on your business website should be 500 words or more. Google looks at the length of the content, meaning that a web page with less than 300 is less likely to be considered as trustworthy by Google’s spiders. Making sure that the content includes appropriate and relevant keywords phrases as well as correct use of header tags will make it a good piece of content for Google’s ranking system.

These can be put on the website and is in a format that is easy to view on Google with Adobe Reader. It is the perfect file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in the exact format it was intended.

These can also be sent as a report via email after a request or uploaded to a file sharing platform such as Issuu or Scribd.

You can convert any file into a PDF using a converter tool online or by copy and pasting the text onto a Word Document, formatting the text and images to the desired look, then clicking ‘Save As’ and selecting the PDF format from the dropdown menu next to the ‘Save’ button.


Slideshows are easily created using Microsoft PowerPoint. There are many options in PowerPoint that allows you to customise the design and display of the slideshow. You can add images, animations, transitions and much more to further modify the presentation to suit your company’s colour scheme and target audience. It is also a great way of compiling short points to get information across in a visually appealing way.

Once you create your slideshow, you can upload it to a content sharing site such as Slideshare, where you can optimise it with a title, description and keyword tags – which will improve your online visibility.

Furthermore, once you upload the PowerPoint to Slideshare, you can embed the slideshow to your website, providing your prospects with more visual stimulation in the form of multimedia content.


Videos are a great way to get information across without having to do too much reading and scrolling. It is simple but effective. You can create videos using online video software such as Animoto or a screen recording software such as Camtasia. You can even use your phone to record – as long as it is of good quality – and an editing software to refine the clip.

Once you have created your video, upload it to YouTube or other video sharing sites such as Daily Motion and Vimeo and embed the video onto your website.

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